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Fargo Midwife | Fargo Homebirth | Fargo Waterbirth | Fargo Birth Center


Comprehensive prenatal appointments that last at least 45 minutes.


Providing homebirth services to clients.  Including the option  for waterbirth.

One-on-one care

Relationship-based care: continuity-of-care with your midwife during your entire pregnancy, labor/birth, and throughout 6 weeks postpartum. 


Pre-conception consultation and wellness care available.  

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Midwifery Services

Providing personalized midwifery services to clients in Fargo-Moorhead and surrounding communities.

Providing preconception counseling, prenatal care, homebirth labor and birth services (including waterbirth), postpartum and newborn care through 6 weeks after birth, and

wellness care. 

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Model of Care

Celebrating relationship-based care and family-centered, gentle birth. 

Honoring evidence informed practice.

I believe:

- that pregnancy, labor, birth, and lactation are normal rhythms in life.​

- midwifery is an equal partnership between the midwife and client. 

Happy Family

Christine was such a joy to work with, and was an amazing encourager during my labor and delivery!  Her kind, gentle spirit and wisdom went a long way with us. 


- Jessica

I really appreciated Christine's love and skill at the birth, and at my prenatal appointments.  Knowing I was not alone was really important to calming down and pushing on. 


- Desiree

Christine has such a welcoming, kind soul, and it is easy to feel comfortable around her.  We were so blessed to have her play such a huge role in the birth.  She brought me so much reassurance throughout my pregnancy and birth. 


- April

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