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Midwifery Services

Family-centered care is at the heart of all my interactions with you. I provide continuous and compassionate care through your pregnancy, birth, postpartum, breastfeeding, and beyond. All care will be fully discussed, as I believe in the power of informed consent and informed refusal. Questions are encouraged and welcomed.  I am a midwife who brings all my doula tricks to the birth.  I also love working with doulas and welcome them at your birth! As well as being a midwife, I am a mother of six; great empathy and understanding are here. 

FREE Midwife Consultation/Interview

I actually encourage all prospective families to come and meet me! This “meet and greet” is a great time to ask questions,

and get a feel for whether this is a good “fit” for you. Call me at (218) 790-8685 to schedule your free consultation.

Homebirth Midwifery Package                     

24/7 Contact with Your Midwife

Individualized, personal care is always the goal. I am available for clients 24/7 by cell for urgent concerns, and available by cell, text, or email during normal business hours for non-urgent concerns and questions.

Prenatal Care

I always accommodate individual needs regarding prenatal care. Prenatal appointments typically last 45 minutes - 1 hour welcoming the participation of partner and children, while allowing ample time for questions to be thoroughly answered.  Prenatal visit schedule: one visit monthly through 28 weeks, then every 2 weeks until 36 weeks (including a home visit at 36 weeks), and then weekly visits until birth.  Your prenatal care includes nutritional counseling, optimal fetal positioning assessment, nutritious movement guidance, referrals for complimentary care (chiropractic, massage, acupuncture, etc...), and referral for Rhogam for clients with Rh negativity issues.  Orders for ultrasound, and orders for initial labs, gestational diabetes screening, 28 week anemia screen, 36 - 37 week group B strep (GBS) screen. I follow evidence-informed practice, shared decision-making, and offer clients waivers for informed refusal.

Care During Labor, Delivery, Immediate Postpartum, & Newborn Exam

When your big day arrives, I will come to your home to attend you during labor and birth.  I will provide support and encouragement during labor & birth, and will look after you and your baby, with a minimum of interventions. I am educated in the process of normal birth, and am armed with the knowledge of when referral for medical attention is necessary. Following birth, I will assist you with breastfeeding, and complete an in-home newborn exam by your side.  I  will stay with you and your newborn for a few hours immediately postpartum. Numerous studies have shown that labor is shorter and most effective when the mother feels safe, secure, and is allowed to be undisturbed. 

Waterbirth Services

Waterbirth is a wonderful option; helping to ease labor discomfort and providing a calm environment for a gentle birth. Statistically around 75% choose water to ease labor discomfort, while about 50% ultimately birth in water. 


Postpartum & Newborn Care

Postpartum care for mother and baby is included through six weeks following birth. A postpartum visit is given in-home at 1 day and 3 days after birth, 1 week postpartum, and 2 weeks postpartum.  The final 6 weeks postpartum visit is back at the office.  Newborn check-ups and weight checks occur during postpartum visits, as well. All newborn standard screens are offered.  I follow evidence-informed practice, shared decision-making, and offer clients waivers for informed refusal for screenings. Newborn care procedures offered includes: newborn vitamin K, newborn eye prophylaxis, newborn hearing screening, newborn critical congenital heart disease/pulse oximetry screening, and newborn blood spot screening. I file the birth certificate for you, as well.

Placenta Encapsulation

I am happy to deliver your placenta to the placenta encapsulator of your choice for processing, if you wish.

Lactation Support

I am experienced in lactation support, and include this as part of my midwifery services.

Referral to a lactation specialist is available for more complex lactation issues.  


FREE Pre-conception Consultation

I am proud to offer pre-conception consultation at no cost and without obligation. I will take an in-depth look at your health history, medications, nutrition, genetic risks, lifestyle choices, occupational hazards and family history. My goal is to assist you in supporting a healthy pregnancy.

Wellness Care

Gentle wellness/physical exam, Pap smear, & STI testing. $75. Lab costs are extra, however, most insurance plans cover these lab costs.

Other Midwifery Services

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