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Model of Care

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Comprehensive, Personalized Prenatal Visits
I always accommodate individual needs regarding prenatal care. Unlike the typical 10-15 minute prenatal visit with hospital-based providers, appointments with me last at least 45 minutes, and address not just your and your baby's physical health, but the other elements that make you YOU.    

Relationship-Based, Family-Centered Care

I provide continuous and compassionate care through your pregnancy, birth, postpartum, breastfeeding, and beyond. Family-centered care is at the heart of all my interactions with you.

Shared-Decision Making

I believe midwifery is an equal partnership between the midwife and client. All care is fully discussed, as I believe in the power of informed consent and informed refusal. Questions are always encouraged and welcomed. Shared decision-making is at the heart of the Midwives Model of Care.

Evidence-Informed Practice

Evidence-informed practice consists of three components: utilizing my clinical expertise, evaluating best available research evidence, and considering my clients' values and individualized needs. Evidence informed practice is central to ethical, quality care. It improves client care and facilitates informed choice.


"I had the privilege of working with Christine through two pregnancies and births. Christine is personable, knowledgeable, and very good at what she does! At one point during my labor I felt like I couldn't go on any longer, Christine calmly and gently assured me that my baby would be here soon, and she was right. Christine trusted me to make the decisions that were right for me, and honored my choices. She is supportive, and brought a calm confidence to my labors. I loved having her there. I felt respected, safe, and peaceful."  - Andrea 

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